The Sunday Times: Where next?

From rose-tinted village life in the southeast to the wonders of Wales, the scenery of Scotland and the buzzy vibe of the northern cities, every year, The Sunday Times find the ideal locations to make a happy home.

To advertise their 64-page guide for 2018, we created a seamless new cityscape or landscape of two places featured on the list.

Without having to ability to shoot the winning towns, cities and villages, we relied on everyone’s favourite stock library – Alamy – to create the ads.

After scouring this year’s winning locations, we ended up creating ads that merged Falmouth with London’s winner, Bermondsey. Mumbles in Swansea Bay was paired with the idyllic countryside of Lewes. While the overall winner, York, was blended with Wivenhoe in East Anglia.

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