Video Crits

All work After hours Awards Contact YCC Video Crits It’s 2021. We’re all still working from home. So Covid-eo Crits came back, albeit with a slightly refreshed name and new branding. Same format. Same amazing creatives helping out.  Credits Organisation, hosting and design: Andy Peel Back to work Contact me

The Times: Westminster Jungle

All work After hours Awards Contact The Times Westminster Jungle After the success of the Politics. Tamed. campaign, The Times were after 2.0. With Brexit still dragging on and a Christmas general election, Westminster is no longer a zoo, it’s become a deeper, more complicated situation. To guide readers through the Westminster jungle, we took […]

The Times: Politics. Tamed.

All work After hours Awards Contact The Times Politics. Tamed. In the months leading up to the original Brexit deadline, there was endless in-fighting, political braying and almost constant resignations in parliament. The House of Commons is now no longer seen as a place of authority, it now closely resembles a zoo. Throughout the campaign […]

Placement Poverty Pledge

It’s been leading the way to improving industry pay, since 2015. Alongside Ben Harris and Stu Outhwaite-Noel, I look after the website that allows agencies to sign up and pledge to pay the Living Wage or the London Living Wage while their on placement. Find out more at

Single Creatives

All work After hours Awards Contact Single Creatives Single Creatives was founded in 2010 by Mike Cuthell and later welcomed into the Young Creative Council as a way to help young, aspiring creatives team up. Since Mike moved to the US in 2015 I’ve been continuing the Single Mingle speed-dating nights and in early 2020 […]

The Times: US Election

All work After hours Awards Contact The Times US election To support the editorial content in the build-up and aftermath of the 2020 US election, we created a series of ads highlighting the fact it was the most divisive in history. Credits ECD: Russell RamseyCreatives: Andy Peel, Paul AldermanHead of Design: Matt Hunt Back to […]

Covid-eo Crits

All work After hours Awards Contact YCC Covid-eo Crits 18 weeks. 460 crits. 78 industry peeps. 111 different folios. When I started these Zoom crits I had no idea they’d last so long, have two spin-offs – one with Gloucestershire Uni and the other with Mother – and help 111 graduate and junior creatives/creative teams […]

The Times: Pause

All work After hours Awards Contact The Times Pause As coronavirus swept across the world and the UK was placed on lockdown, most news outlets were publishing a lot of miss-information. The Times wanted to highlight their considered news approach with a campaign across print, radio and TV. // Credits ECD: Russell RamseyCreatives: Andy Peel, […]

Ad Job Wall

Since 2010 Ad Job Wall has been helping students and grads enter the creative industries through placements, internships and junior roles. I set it up to initially just retweet roles posted by agencies. But as time has gone on, Ad Job Wall evolved to have a website and is now the recruitment arm of the […]

The Times: Noise

All work After hours Awards Contact The Times Cut Through the Noise In less than a generation, the world of journalism has changed beyond all recognition. We are all rolling in rolling news. But the power of a great story, and a great edition of a great newspaper, continues to endure. The Times and The […]