Hi. Hello. Hey.

I’m Andy Peel. I’m an award-winning creative who’s spent 10 years producing work for agencies all over the country. Copy. Art. Online. Offline. There’s an A.P. for that.

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I’m an ideas person that codes. A writer that uses Photoshop. And an art director that proofreads.

Whether you need short, snappy sentences. Or longer ones. (Oh the irony.) Pitches winning. Banner ads scamping. Or brews making. I have experience in them all.

I’ve worked in teams – as well as alone – and love collaborating with others outside my skillset.

Doing more goes beyond the day job. I run Ad Job Wall, the junior-only job site, and I'm also a the UK Director of the student/graduate creative network, the Young Creative Council.

After hours; renovating, DIY, upcycling, photography, and exploring the wilderness offer the inspiration I crave. And if there's one thing I'm missing, it's owning Bernard's watch – but I'm hoping it'll turn up on Kickstarter soon.


Three D&AD Pencils, one Cannes Lion, six Creative Circle awards, and 19 other industry awards.

Turning the House of Commons into a zoo.

Writing 400 unique and real-time headlines during Euro 2016 that appeared on billboards instantly.

Getting people to watch Greece v Russia (and other terrible football matches) just to win free pizza.

Squeezing in Boris Johnson, looking an idiot, 29 times into an ad.

Judging the D&AD New Blood Awards copywriting category.

Hosting countless YCC events, including book crit nights, Single Mingles and talks.

Securing jobs for hundreds – maybe even thousands – of juniors entering the creative industry through Ad Job Wall.

Being part of Creative Circle’s ‘inner circle’.

Lecturing and teaching at various universities, including Lincoln, Swansea, East Anglia, LCC, Sunderland, Bucks, and Sheffield.

Seeing Ad Job Wall surpass the 1 million hits mark.