I know it's not all about awards, but my parents (and future employers) need to know I'm half decent at my job.

I'd much rather talk to you about the number of ad grads I've helped get jobs in the industry, or how many people I've helped to quit smoking because of my ads, or even about how I made everyone watch dead-rubber football matches because they wanted free pizza. 

Though I do enjoy staring at the shiny bits of metal... on the agency's award shelf.



Politics. Tamed. – Wood Pencil: Film Advertising / TV Commercials 21-40 Secs
Politics. Tamed. – Shortlist: Animation / Visual Effects Animation
Politics. Tamed. – Shortlist: Sound Design and Use of Music / Adapted Music

Creative Circle

Politics. Tamed. – Bronze: Press Craft – Best Image Manipulation (single)
Politics. Tamed. – Bronze: Outdoor Craft – Best Image Manipulation (single)
Brexit – Bronze: Best Tactical Press (single)


Politics. Tamed. – Silver: Music & Sound Craft – Sound Design
Politics. Tamed. – Shortlist: Music & Sound Craft – Best Re-Record of Licensed Music


Politics. Tamed. – Bronze: Media
Politics. Tamed. – Shortlist: Topical & Real-time


Politics. Tamed. – Ad of the Day: Feb 19, 2019
Politics. Tamed. – Ad of the Week: March 7, 2019


Politics. Tamed. – Winner of Best TV ad Jan/Feb 2019



Busy Year – Wood: Press Advertising Campaign


Busy Year – Gold: Best Design or Art Direction


Creative Circle

Tournamental – Silver: Digital, Best use of DOOH
Tournamental – Silver: Outdoor, Best Digital Poster (Campaign)
Tournamental – Bronze: Innovation, Best Innovation/Use of New Technology
Tournamental – Bronze: Outdoor, Innovative use of DOOH



Noise – Wood Pencil: Craft - Sound Design for Film Advertising


Journalists – Silver: Best Art Direction

Creative Out of Home Awards

Tournamental – Grand Prix
Tournamental – Gold: Traditional 48 / 96 Sheet Poster
Tournamental – Gold: Out of Home Campaign
Tournamental – Gold: Digital Advert
Tournamental – Gold: Innovation
Tournamental – Highly-commended: Digital Campaign
Tournamental – Highly-commended: Use of Live Updates
Tournamental – Highly-commended: Craft – Copywriting
Tournamental – Nomination: Use of Digital Technologies


Fresh Awards

Domigoals – Silver: Freshest App


Domigoals – Nomination: Best App