Ad Job Wall


Since 2010 Ad Job Wall has been helping students and grads enter the creative industries through placements, internships and junior roles.

After bemoaning agencies on Twitter sharing roles to their 50 followers – and expecting people to just find it and apply – I set up Ad Job Wall to be a single source for of all these jobs.

From retweeting to a website. From a basic one to a proper one. I’ve evolved Ad Job Wall, but stayed true to its founding principles.

It’s now a go-to resource for many an agency, recruiter and job hunter.

The facts

• At the beginning of 2018, the site hit a million hits.
• It’s helped hundreds, if not thousands of young people get jobs.
• We’ve been the D&AD New Blood Festival jobs board for five years running.
• Over 10,000 followers on Twitter.
• Run just by me. On a budget of nothing.

There's an A.P. for that
Andy Peel