Who is this guy?


A few sentences

I'm Andy Peel. I'm an award-winning creative who's spent 10 years producing work for agencies all over the country. Copy. Art. Online. Offline. There's an A.P. for that.

I'm an ideas person that codes. A writer that uses Photoshop. And an art director that proofreads.

Whether you need short, snappy, sentences. Or longer ones. (Oh the irony.) Pitches winning. Banner ads scamping. Or brews making. I have experience in them all.

I've worked in teams – as well as alone – and love collaborating with others outside my skillset.

Working, not working

Doing more goes beyond the day job. I run Ad Job Wall, the junior-only job site, and I'm also a the UK Director of the student/graduate creative network, the Young Creative Council.

After hours; renovating, DIY, upcycling, photography, and exploring the wilderness offer the inspiration I crave. And if there's one thing I'm missing, it's owning Bernard's watch – but I'm hoping it'll turn up on Kickstarter soon.

Career highlights

• Two D&AD Pencils, one Cannes Lion, three Creative Circle awards, and fourteen other industry awards.

• Writing 400 unique and real-time headlines during Euro 2016 that appeared on billboards instantly.

• Getting people to watch Greece v Russia (and other terrible football matches) just to win free pizza.

• Squeezing in Boris Johnson, looking an idiot, 29 times into an ad.

• Judging the D&AD New Blood Awards copywriting category.

• Hosting countless YCC events, including book crit nights, Single Mingles and talks.

• Securing jobs for hundreds – maybe even thousands – of juniors entering the creative industry through Ad Job Wall.

• Being part of Creative Circle’s ‘inner circle’.

• Lecturing and teaching at various universities, including Lincoln, Swansea, East Anglia, LCC, Sunderland, Bucks, and Sheffield.

• Seeing Ad Job Wall surpass the 1 million hits mark.

Claim to fame

I’ll forever be immortalised as a spritely 19 year old student. Copywriter, Simon Veksner, aka Scamp Blog, wrote the book ‘How To Make It As An Advertising Creative’ and somehow the website created when I was part of team CR.AP ended up appearing on page 16, top left.

Chris and I are in the “what you do at college” section with the blurb: Here’s three examples of 3 different landing pages of three very different online portfolios. A digital portfolio shouldn’t just showcase your work but also your personality.

There's an A.P. for that
Andy Peel